Thursday night we hosted Watford Velo Sport for a wahoo zwift-off to see who amongst them would come out best in an omnium style competition.  The best out of three events; Box Hill climb, London Classique 5km, the Mall sprint 200m, with the idea that maybe there might be a surprising winner.   We’re in the depths of Winter and no one is at their best, training lacks intensity so we can’t think of a better time for a friendly fight.  We streamed the event live, if you didn’t watch you can still catch up on our facebook page, three videos are here.

What was really interesting and worked well was the three events allowed two very different cyclists to finish first and second. Lewis very powerful, pushing upwards of 700w against Elliot who is much more slightly built, able to use his weight advantage to take first place on Box Hill despite pushing a lower wattage.  Over the three events there wasn’t much to separate them.

Laurent was on form that night if you watch the last video on our facebook page, you’ll hear Laurent give David a lot of stick, “In the whole L’Eroica spirit David will be riding shoes from circa 1973”, “Check out Amazon, he has a book on cycling excuses”, “He’s been on the bike a few minutes already he has 17 excuses like it’s only January, and I’ve eaten too many pies”.  And my favourite, “The spinning classes are further down the street”.

There was great camaraderie, very enjoyable evening.  Neil and I thought the guys were a credit to Watford Velo Sport.  It was a pleasure hosting the event.

In February we will be hosting the same event for the Willesden Cycling Club with the idea if both parties are willing that after that there will be a Watford vs Willesden Wahoo Zwift-off.  And yes we’ll livestream the events!

To start with it was very calm, having a pre-race tea and coffee and the odd bit of cake.  Very civilised.

At this point it appeared as if not an ounce of competitiveness inhabited these racers.

As they changed the off-season legs appeared.  So much drag guys.

Laurent perfectly matched as per usual.

First to go on was Kevin and Louis, their continuous power was in the high three hundred watts with Louis hitting seven hundred-plus up Box Hill.  This was a good intimidating start.  Louis has a Quintana face when riding, never showing discomfort.  We can imagine he’s someone who can mentally disarm you if riding alongside.


Table of timings on the three events.

Box Hill climb Points Classique Loop Points Mall Sprint Points Total Points
David Carter 8.44.00 7 7.43.92 6 00.12.68    7 20 David Carter 7
Kevin Chandler 8.17.25 6 7.45.40 7 00.12.06    3 16 Kevin Chandler 6
Robert Broderick 6.41.52 1 7.29.96 3 00.12.37    4 8 Robert Broderick 3
Justin Self 10.03.89 8 7.59.92 8 00.13.40    8 24 Justin Self 8
Laurent Audibert 8.24.74 4 7.33.07 4 00.12.58    6 14 Laurent Audibert 4
James Kingsley 8.29.39 5 7.35.55 5 00.12.47    5 15 James Kingsley 5
Louis Francis 7.09.21 3 7.12.76 1 00.11.93    1 5 Louis Francis 1
Elliot Joseph 6.43.08 2 7.29.87 2 00.11.99    2 6 Elliot Joseph 2
Martin Twaites 9.59.74 9 7.51 9 00.13.52    9 27 Martin Twaites 9