Not being at all familiar with Storck bikes, I was really looking forward to seeing what the Aernario was like.
Upon first impression looking at the bike, you might think that the frame looks a bit austere in dark matt finish.  I was quickly surprised though, as the paint allows the light to run beautifully on the bike and its different angles, highlighting the finesse and engineering beauty of its design.

storck aernario review
Before going any further, I must say this isn’t a cheap bike. Once on the saddle however, each pedal stroke will remind you on how super extraordinary this bike is.  The model I tried was equipped with an unctuously smooth Campagnolo Chorus EPS transmission and lightning fast Vision Metron carbon wheels. Such an exclusive frame deserves beautiful components, and the wheels and transmission are up to the mark.

The Aernario is designed to be a polyvalent bike.  To me, this worked out to be an understatement. This bike is incredibly fast on the flat and the stiffness of its frame guarantees that every Watt your legs produce gets translated into speed.  ‘Cruising’ at 22mhp is easily achievable, regardless of your form.  The design of the frame allows some decent clearance so 25mm tyres are a very good choice for comfort and performance.  Despite the stiffness of its frame and wheels, the Aernario turns out to be a very comfortable bike, and even after 50 miles at pace, your back won’t be in any pain.

storck aernario review
I am not a very good climber I must admit, but I had great fun going uphill with the Aernario.  Its front triangle and fork’s stiffness really allows you to utilise the best of your arms and body strength whilst climbing out of the saddle, resulting in more power.  Other bikes may feel a bit softer and won’t encourage you to push.  Every hill I did with the Aernario ended up with a personal best.

The bottom bracket is bulky and beautifully crafted, every sprint or acceleration out of corners gets the bike going in no time.  You just want to do it again and again!  I am not scared of pushing a bike going downhill and can confirm that this bike is very stable, even at high speed.  This really gives you the strength to keep pushing while trusting your machine.

storck aernario
So the Storck Aernario is superfast on the flat, loves climbing & sprints like you probably haven’t done before…
It’s not a bike that will shout for itself, but under its discrete presentation hides an incredibly versatile machine doing everything marginally better than other bikes around. I t transcends the form of its rider, and remains very accessible to ride and handle.  To me, this is the ultimate Gran Fondo bike, whatever the terrain this bike delivers through the quality of stiffness of its frame, while its cleverly engineered design allows you to push all day.”


Laurent has been cycling since the age of 12 and currently races criteriums and time trial races for the Watford Velo Sport club.  Laurent rides a Wilier bike.


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