Storck Bikes

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Storck Road Bikes have been a cornerstone brand of our store. We love the quality of their bikes and a new model is always received with great enthusiasm by our team. The Aerfast Pro below is no exception.

Over the years Storck has racked up some remarkable achievements. The first ever “all carbon” fork. The first ever “all carbon” crank in 1993. Bart Brentjens wins Olympic MTB gold in 1996 riding a Storck Rebel mountain bike. In 1998 the Scenario Pro is launched, weighing less than 6.5kg. The 2013 Aernario voted the best bike in Tour Magazine’s 20 year history.

What about the future? In an interview with Cyclist magazine Markus stated he is developing a power meter that he promises will revolutionise the industry.

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Country: Germany
Founded: 1989