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Continuing our love affair with Italian brands, we are very happy to introduce Bianchi bikes to Cycle Right.  Besides the Oltre XR4 pictured above, we have plans to stock the XR1, the Infinito and the Intenso.

Founded in 1885 by Edoardo Bianchi, F.I.V. Edoardo Bianchi S.p.A. is the oldest bicycle-making company still operating.  Edoardo started out in Milan selling his “safety bicycles” from a little shop in via Nirone.  He is credited with reducing the size of the front wheel to match the back.  Bianchi then is credited with producing the first bicycle to use tyres, making use of the recent inventions by John Dunlop.

In 1939 Edoardo adopted Tullio Campagnolo’s new gearing system.  This allowed cyclists to change gears while in motion, each innovation allowed the brand to prosper and bike sales soared for the Italian brand.

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Country: Italy
Founded: 1885