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Storck Road Bikes

Storck Road Bikes have been a cornerstone brand of our store. We love the quality of their bikes and a new model is always received with great enthusiasm by our team. The Aerfast Pro below is no exception.

Markus Storck

Markus StorckMarkus Storck lived and breathed cycling from a very young age. His history with bikes can be traced back to his great, great grandfather who was a member of his local cycling club in the 1870’s. His grandfather, Willi Muller, road professionally for the Opel cycling team in the 1920s. At 14 Markus was running the family’s bike shop after school. It was when his father Gunter starting rebranding Italian frames under the name Storck, that Markus started down the path as a developer and designer.

Over the years Storck has racked up some remarkable achievements. The first ever “all carbon” fork. The first ever “all carbon” crank in 1993.  Bart Brentjens wins Olympic MTB gold in 1996 riding a Storck Rebel mountain bike. In 1998 the Scenario Pro is launched, weighing less than 6.5kg. The 2013 Aernario voted the best bike in Tour Magazine’s 20 year history.

What about the future? In an interview with Cyclist magazine Markus stated he is developing a power meter that he promises will revolutionise the industry.

Aerfast Pro

The Aerfast frame has been designed for speed. The aerodynamic features of this Storck have been pushed even further. “Sectional Aerodynamic Shaping” has meant a reshaping of the down tube, head tube and bottom bracket area to reduce surface area and lessen drag.  These frame profile changes have been made without reducing stiffness.  There is a new concealed seat clamp, at the rear the brakes are situated behind the bottom bracket.

The rear triangle features rear-facing dropouts which allow adjustments to the space between the wheel and the seat tube.  This feature means you’ll keep the aerodynamic advantages regardless of which tires you decide to run.

The Aerfast comes as standard with Shimano, from Ultegra Mechanical up to Dura Ace Di2. It is also available as a frameset, so the choice of components could be up to you.

In their Jan 2016 review of the Aerfast Pro, noted:

  • It corners with assurance, it’s superbly easy to place wherever you want and changes line without drama. Uphill, the Aerfast is a match for the best climbers, its low mass and racy wheelset ensuring rapid height gain too.
  • The Aerfast is a brilliant ride: it’s urgent, light and agile, with the sort of comfort some endurance bikes can only dream of.

In their Dec 2015 review, noted:

  • Even on the hoods, with wrists resting on the bar, you can get low with a flat back and cruise along 3-4mph faster than you can on a standard road bike on the flat. I’ve ridden time trial bikes that don’t offer this level of wind-cheating.
  • The Aerfast manages to encapsulate all-out, high-speed performance with comfort in a way I’ve never experienced before from such a bike.

Aerfast Pro Gallery

We have an Aerfast Pro available for viewing in the store.  This build consists of the following:

  • Ultegra 11 speed
  • Quarq Power meter
  • Praxis Works chainrings
  • Fizik Antares saddle
  • Fizik Cyrano handlebars

The gallery below gives you some idea of what it looks like, definitely worth a visit to the store:

Photo Credit: michael S marks