lightweight-logo01We’re very happy to be bringing Lightweight products to Cycle Right including their wheels, frames and handlebars.  Lightweight frames are relatively new, the company is better known for their wheelsets, but the company was working on a frame almost 10 years ago.  In the last few years they have returned with the Urgestalt (“primordial form”).

Lightweight’s objective with the frame was to provide a companion to their wheelsets that did their fantastic wheels justice.  They’ve aimed the frame at ambitious recreational cyclists and racers. To keep costs down the frames are manufactured in Asia, but each one is thoroughly tested in Germany.  Lightweight’s knowledge of high-end composites mean they are seriously focused on quality and achieving the highest possible standards of manufacture.

Now into it’s second generation, the new Urgestalt disc frame is compatible with both mechanical and electronic groupsets. The frame uses thru-axles and flat mount, both of which are becoming industry standards.  The frame is still light, at about 1,230grams it lives up to it’s brand name.

New frame coming…

At the recent Eurobike Show Lightweight showed a prototype frame that is completely manufactured in Germany. Called the “Ride”, the target weight for the frame is 1,120g. This frame will be launched sometime next year (2017).

Lightweight Frame Gallery