ColnagoWe are very excited to be bringing a famous Italian brand to Cycle Right – Colnago.  Starting with the C60 pictured above, we will be offering both the classic tube-and-lug C series design and the new aerodynamic Concept.

Ernesto Colnago

Ernesto ColnagoErnesto Colnago is one of the most respected names in world cycling.  For the last 50 years his bikes have been used to win the World Championships, the Tour de France, the Classics and the Olympics. From the famous Eddy Merckx period in the 1970’s to the present day sponsorship of the World Tour UAE Abu Dhabi team and the Wiggle High5 woman’s team, Colnago continues it’s racing tradition.

C60 Road Bike

The C Series of road bikes have continued the iconic tube-and-lug construction started with the C40 in 1996.  The C40 was used by Pavel Tonkov to win the Giro d’Italia.  The C60 continues the tradition of constant improvement with increased volume on the tubes, thinner walls and completely new shapes for both tubes and lugs.  The bottom bracket has been completely redesigned, using screw-in alloy cups to house the bearings.  The rear dropouts are also changed from the C59, with reduced weight and increased stiffness.

The C60 is only available as a frameset, so the choice of components are up to you.

In their review of the C60, noted:

  • If you’re going to do a 100 mile ride the C60 is a fine choice, you’ll feel as fresh as a daisy at the end of it.
  • Steering feel is fantastic; this really is the hallmark of the C60 compared to the C59. The new bike is noticeably sharper, more responsive, more focused.
  • Yes there are lighter and there are stiffer road bikes, and there are cheaper road bikes, but few offer such a composed and balanced performance as the new C60 does. carried out a review Feb 2016:

  • These days it’s hard to find a bad bike, especially in this price bracket, which means it’s actually incredibly hard for manufacturers to make bikes that genuinely outstrip the opposition. Yet in the C60 that’s exactly what Colnago has achieved.
  • The frame and fork function as if one entity, something particularly welcome through fast, tight corners.

Concept Aero Road Bike

In August 2016 Colnago announced a new aero race bike to take on existing rivals like the Canyon Aeroad, Specialized Venge ViAS or the Trek Madone. The Concept is built for speed, the manufacturer claiming the bike saves 20 watts over the C60 at 50kph. First impressions from riders note that the ride is firm, but it still offers enough comfort to be ridden longer distances.

In their Jan 2017 review, noted:

  • It’s quick in all circumstances: climbs, descents, flat and undulating roads – everywhere, the bike really shines. It’s an exciting bike to ride fast, and like all good aero road bikes encourages you to ride flat-out.
  • The Concept provides adequate composure and comfort, allowing you to tackle long distance rides at a few notches below race pace and not be dealt a hammer-blow to the lower back…
  • It winds up to speed very effectively and maintains pace with an ease that makes riding any good aero race bike an intoxicating experience. If you like riding fast, you’ll love the Concept.

Black and White C60 Gallery

The gallery below gives you some idea of what it looks like, definitely worth a visit to the store:

Concept Gallery

Blue and White C60 Gallery

Matt Black C60 Gallery

Matt Black Frame and Shiny Black Lugs Gallery

Green V1-r Gallery