CipolliniCipollini was the second Italian brand to make it’s debut at Cycle Right. Starting with the Bond pictured below, we offer various frames from the range including the NK1K.

Mario Cipollini

Mario CipolliniMario Cipollini was a renown pro sprinter who racked up 191 victories starting back in 1989 and finishing with his last professional win in 2005.  His colourful personality was enhanced by encouraging certain nicknames like “Cipo”, “Lion King” and “Pretty Mario”.  Mario’s extravagant skinsuits were always a talking point and included a muscle suit, zebra, tiger print and techno suit inspired by the movie Tron. Controversy was never far from the flamboyant rider.  Whether he was angering Tour de France officials by refusing to attempt mountain stages, being fined by the TDU organisers for wearing an all-yellow outfit while leading (now common practice) or arriving for the start of the a tour in a roman chariot dressed as Julius Caesar.

Cipollini began developing bikes after retirement and his “larger than life” personality have been reflected in this brand. Cipollini’s monocoque frames have tended to be super stiff, with the Bond the company have moved towards creating a bike that is more comfortable.

Cipollini Bond

Bond refers to the construction system used in this bike. A front monocoque triangle is “bonded” to the chainstays and seatstay using a patented process called AtomlinkTM.  According to Cipollini this makes the the bike comfortable despite retaining the aggressive, rigid nature of their monocoque frames.

The Bond is only available as a frameset, so the choice of components are up to you.

In their Feb 2015 review of the Bond, noted:

  • It’s a really interesting design, and nobody can accuse Cipollini of lacking innovation when it comes to framebuilding.
  • When it comes to sprinting or climbing out of the saddle… you’re instantly rewarded for your efforts, making riding the Bond an awful lot of fun.

In their Mar 2014 review of the Bond, noted:

  • It’s fast enough for almost anyone too… the Bond trades some absolute rigidity for suppleness, so it conforms to the road surface rather than skipping across it.
  • The Bond is a stylish, engaging ride, with comfort that you’ll appreciate after hours in the saddle, with safe, precise and immediate handling and more than enough speed to satisfy most riders.

Blue Camo Bond Gallery

Grey Bond Gallery

Red Bond Gallery

The red Bond we built had the following components:

  • Ultegra Groupset
  • Ritchie Handlebar
  • Fabric stem and saddle

Photo Credit: michael S marks