Bike Fitting

Cycle Right has partnered with Radlabor Laboratories in Germany to offer the Smart Fit process to customers.  With this system in place we can identify, not only the style of bike a person needs, but also the size they should be riding.

FREE : Cycle Right Smart Fit with every bike purchase
£175.00 : Cycle Right Smart Fit without a bike purchase

The system incorporates a laser scanner which allows us to scan in various co-ordinates on each individual customer’s anatomy.  This allows us to determine frame size and more importantly, frame length.

It’s very easy to adjust the height of a saddle, most cyclists think this is the important measurement to get right.  The truth is the frame length is far more important and it is the most difficult parameter to adjust on a bike.

The Smart Fit scanning process is non-invasive.  The scanner will measure:

  • Length of the lower leg
  • Height of the sternum
  • Arm length
  • Inside leg measurement

With these co-ordinates measured, we are ready to find and adapt a bike to fit you perfectly. The Radlabor system gives us the correct positions for the seat and the handlebars.  By using the smart fit system we can get a bike setup that will give you many miles have happy cycling.